Why wellness trends may be doing more harm than good.

As we approach the first anniversary since the beginning of lockdown 1.0, I want to reflect on this past year. The sudden confinement to the desk in my bedroom meant that I was working harder than ever, perhaps as a distraction to the world outside. Boundaries blurred; I allowed my working hours to grow longer than was conducive for my wellbeing. When social media caught wind of this phenomenon, wellness tips and tricks began circulating to promote that elusive work-life balance. …

I’ve been practicing on and off for 3 years now

Now I’m going to prefix this with a clear statement that I am by no means an advanced yogi, I’ve only just learned to headstand and I frequently go weeks without practicing at all. Despite the imperfect routine, my time practicing yoga has shone a light on a few things about myself that are not exactly productive or helpful, and through this recognition, I have been able to make small changes that go a long way.

So what has yoga taught me about myself?

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1. I have no idea how I’m feeling most of the time

Most days I wake up, get…

You may or may not have heard of Time blocking before, but chances are if you’re a student or professional working today, you will benefit from it. I first came across the concept of Time blocking in the book 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management’ by Kevin Kruse. If you don’t have time to read the full 202 pages then I have summarised my favorite section titled “Stop Making To-do Lists, Do This Instead”

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I used to write down my to-do lists every morning with a cup of coffee and a dose of inspiration. I would write a…

It’s time to get sh*t done the right way.

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I sit down to begin writing this piece on the last Friday of February, as the sun begins to set on a bright day that has teased us all into dreaming of Spring. My eyes are strained from a week of study and as a Masters student, the workload has started to consume and overwhelm me. This week I noticed my attention span shortening, my motivation to exercise lacking, and on a few occasions, I had grown frustrated with my classmates. …

Heather Rayner

20-something navigating through the ocean of online wellness and productivity trends. Talk to me about all things health and happiness!

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